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Console Combat


Starting Date: August 2006

Completion Date: August 2006

Current Platforms: Windows

API: No API, console game

Language: C++

File Size: 420kb (Self-extracting exe), 1.19mb (Project files with source code)

Notes: After completing a few 2d games, I started to notice that my projects were becoming more complex. I also realized how bad some of my coding and design practices were, and wanted to take steps to fix them in the future. At that time GameDev.Net was starting a C++ workshop and had a text based project laid out. The project sounded like lots of fun, so I took it on and here is the result. I learned a lot about object-oriented programming, and will be implementing what I've learned in future games.


Console Combat Screenshot

System Requirements:


Installation Notes:


Game Instructions: Read the on-screen menu for the letters pertaining to your menu choices. To enter a menu choice, type the letter of the choice and press enter. Before you can enter the console of combat you must create and name a character.