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Duck Slaughter


Starting Date:July 1998 (original) / January 2006 (DirectX Port)

Completion Date: July 1998 (original) / January 2006 (DirectX Port)

Current Platforms: Mac (original) / Windows (DirectX Port)

API: DigiPen Workshop Library (original) / DirectDraw using Andre Lamothe's GPDumb Engine (DirectX Port)

Language: C++

File Size: 149kb

Notes: Technically my first game, Duck Slaughter was created during a two week workshop at Digipen Institute of Technology. It was our final project, meant to be a cross between Mortal Kombat and Duck Hunt. The game was originally created on the Mac, in 2006 I wanted to be able to play the original, so I ported it to Windows using DirectX. Stay tuned for the sequel...


Duck Slaughter Screen Shot 1 Duck Slaughter Screen Shot 2

System Requirements:

Note: To check your DirectX version open the start menu and click on run. At the prompt type in dxdiag and press enter. Near the bottom of the System tab will be a line that says DirectX Version: DirectX (Your Version). If you do not have DirectX 8.0 or later, you can download it here, Microsoft's DirectX Page


Installation Notes:


Game Instructions: Moving the mouse controls the cursor. Left-clicking fires your gun, missing a shot will lower your score. Bonuses are awarded for superior marksmanship. Kill 5 ducks to beat each level. Ducks get progressively faster every level. When a duck flies off the screen you lose life, if your life hits 0 you will die.