Revenge of the Toxic Poo!

Duck Slaughter 2 has officially been placed on hold until an unspecified time!!! Check the journal for updates.

The official page for the sequel to Duck Slaughter. Right now the game is still incomplete and in production. Here is a list of the features that the game will contain at final release:

1. Gore! Tons of it! Blood flying everywhere, bones and guts oozing out of flying bird carcasses, bloody decapitations! If you like bird innards, this game is for you!
2. More diverse gameplay. No more lameass one duck at a time crap! Duck Slaughter 2 will have multiple ducks on the screen all at once! Flying in 8 different directions so you never know where to shoot next.
3. More weapons. Rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, automatics! Hit those flying bastards with whatever you can!
4. Better sound. Turn up the volume and piss off your neighbors! we're bringing in LOUD ASS EXPLOSIONS AND GUNSHOTS! Also, talk trash to those quacking bastards while you're feeding them a lead sandwich!
5. Better story. Don't just kill stuff, really connect with the characters on an emotional level.....................SIKE! Learn about why you kick so much ass and where the airborn poo bags originate, so you can shove your big gun in their face and shower them with their own blood and feces!

To learn more about the project, you can visit the Game Development Journal or the Duck Slaughter 2 Forum. You can e-mail the developer at: