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Goo Defender


Starting Date: September, 1 2007

Completion Date: September, 2 2007

Current Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360 (that is cool to say...)

API: XNA 1.0 Refresh

Language: C#

File Size: 4.1mb (Self-Extracing exe), 3.8mb (Zip file), 11.1mb(project files with source)

Notes: Goo Defender was created for a GameDev.net Labor Day weekend contest. The theme was "Sticky", and had a 48 hour deadline. All artwork, music, and programming was done by myself.

The goal of the game is to stop the Martians from invading the Earth embassy on Mars by shooting sticky goo.


Goo Defender Screenshot Gameplay

System Requirements:

Note: XNA 1.0 Refresh redistributable can be found here: Microsoft XNA 1.0 Refresh Redistributable


Note: If you are getting errors you probably don't have DirectX 9.0c, the redistributable, or .NET 2.0 framework installed; or your video card does not have shader support. If you download the zip file, make sure you extract it before you try to play the game.

Installation Notes:


Game Instructions: View the in-game instructions or Readme. Remember that walking over the goo slows down the Martians, not shooting them directly.