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Kid Kombat


Starting Date: March, 26 2006

Completion Date: August 19, 2006

Current Platforms: Windows

API: Direct3D 9.0c using D3DXSprite Class

Language: C++

File Size: 1.8mb (Self-Extracing exe), 3.0mb (Zip file with DLL's), 7.3mb (Project files with source code)

Notes: Kid Kombat was the Charlotte Game Development group's first project. It was done to get some experience for all the members, and create a team building experience for future projects. I think the game turned out great and we've had a lot of positive responses to it. Check my journal for updates on the CGD's newest games.


Kid Kombat Screenshot Menu Kid Kombat Screenshot Gameplay

System Requirements:

Note: To check your DirectX version open the start menu and click on run. At the prompt type in dxdiag and press enter. Near the bottom of the System tab will be a line that says DirectX Version: DirectX (Your Version). If you do not have DirectX 9.0c or later, you can download it here, Microsoft's DirectX Page


Note: If you are getting a "DXD9_29.dll not found" error when running the game: download the KidKombatDemo.zip file, extract the d3dx9_29_dll_update.zip file from the game zip, go to the installer folder after extraction, and run DXSETUP. This will update your DirectX to the correct version and allow you to play the game. This error is caused from an update in versions in DirectX 9.0c .

Installation Notes:


Game Instructions: Left player movement are the W,A,S,D keys while 'F' fires the left player's airplanes. The Up,Down,Left,Right arrows move the right player while the right 'Ctrl' key fires the right player's airplanes. Enter selects menu choices. Escape quits to the main menu or exits the game if at the main menu.