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Ted the Bastard Sloth Saves Some Lake

I'll update this page with some info about the game shortly. Here is a screenshot of where the game is at presently:

ttbssl screenshot

You gotta shoot the trash as it comes down by hitting "right control" or the "f" key. Move your guy around with the left and right arrows. If the trash hits the ground, the lake starts to die. If your ammo doesn't hit the trash it lands on the ground and explodes, if you get hit by the explosion you lose life.

The game is at about 95%, there are some final touches needed. I wanted to put the game up in this state because I don't know when it will be done and I think everyone needs a chance to see the amazing artwork and sound done by the rest of the team.

As of 08/19/07:

All levels and intros are in. Loss conditions are in (if your health or lake health goes to 0 you die). Also, you can use the '+' and '-' keys to change the level. Press enter to begin play after cutscenes or a level change. Please note that the source has not been updated since October 2006, so it won't match with the demo.

Just the demo here.

Source here.